My name is Noelle Adamoschek
and I am a mosaic artist.
My work is primarily is stained glass mosaic designs that I put
on vintage windows, picture frames and custom frames.
I put the glass pieces directly on the glass
in order to take advantage of natural light in my designs.
All my art is one of a kind.
Click on the Instagram or Facebook icon to see my most current work,
the Pinterest icon to see some past projects
or contact me on the contact page to talk about a custom order.

Wildfloweer View (2017)

About Me

I'm Noelle Adamoschek, an artist working in mosaics for over 20 years. Originally from the Midwest, I have traveled extensively in the US, living in Seattle and NYC for a time, working as an actress and theatre producer before settling in upstate NY. Leaving the theatre world behind, mosaics became my full-time creative outlet.Although I do moonlight with designs on furniture, and have done some permanent installations, I spend most of my time working with stained glass, constructing mosaic designs on vintage window sashes and in picture frames and mirrors.All of my designs are unique and one of a kind.
I am always in the process of creating new work, either as commissions or on spec:
you can use the Pinterest or Facebook icons at the bottom of the page
to see some of my past commission projects and gallery submissions.
Starting in mid-August 2021, I opened a shop and gallery called 25 Main Collective in Cherry Valley, NY. I have a studio in back and display my work as well as 25+ other artists from the local area. If you're local, come see me at 25 Main Street, Cherry Valley, NY.If you don't see the perfect piece for you, I am always willing
to talk about a custom project!
Email me by going to the Contact page.


I am happy to talk about custom designs.Reach out to me and let me know what you're looking to do.
If you have a specific design or image in mind or just a general idea,
we can work together to make it happen.
I will be in contact with you throughout the process
to make sure you are getting
exactly what you want.
I look forward to hearing from you.